Nihon kurabu 日本倶楽部

The 日本倶楽部  Japanese Club is a group for those interested in learning more about Japanese language and culture. Our primary goals are to conduct extracurricular activities and add social component to students in the Japanese Language Courses as well as make the culture and language available to  as many people as possible


We do this by going on outings to restaurants or places related to Japan, as well as hosting Japanese language movie nights, study sessions and conversation classes. Hope we get lucky enough to partner with local schools and institutions that would allow us to meet exchange students from Japan.

Overall, the Japanese club aims to become a meeting place for those who want to learn about the culture and those who want to share their culture, all while having fun and helping our community.


Our other club events and activities include:

  • Japanese crafts such as origami
  • Cooking Japanese food with the club
  • Learning about and celebrating Japanese holidays
  • Japanese calligraphy writing and painting
  • Speech and writing contests
  • Participating in the AMA’s Annual Japan Festival

Let’s have fun together!!


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