Preparing for Japan Festival 2017

What is Japan Festival?

City-based Indo-Japan Friendship Association (IJFA) organises ‘Japan festival‘ annually in January-February, along with the Consulate General of Japan, Mumbai at Ahmedabad Management Association, AMA.

The 5th Jimages-1apan Festival, 2016 was a two-day festival showcasing a number of cultural events including Yukata (kimono) Japanese dress demonstration, Ikebana– flower arrangement workshop, Shodo– Japanese Calligraphy workshop, Japanese Tea Ceremony and Karate– Japanese Martial Art performance etc.
Also Japanese films ‘5 centimeters per Second’, ‘The Place Promised in our Early Days’, ‘Happy Flight’, ‘Children Who Chase Lost Voices’ and ‘Ballad’ were screened in this event.

6th Japan Festival, 2017

1. Date : 27th to 29th January, 2017

2. Venue : Ahmedabad Management Association, ATRIA Campus, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg, Ahmedabad 380 015.

3. Website for registration :

4. Contact: 079-26308601
Mobile: 9537407187

Preparing for the FEST!

We are doing our best to showcase the vibrant colours of Japanese culture to all who come to visit the Festival. Here’s a glimpse to what you will find us doing on that day!

Omikuji 御御籤

Japanese fortune telling SHRINE

Omikuji (sacred lot) are fortunes written omikujion rolled strips of paper. You can find these at shrines and temples throughout Japan. The omikuji have fortunes that bring everything from wonderfully good luck (大吉) to terribly bad luck (大凶).

Nowadays, it’s more popular to make a small donation (usually a coin) to the shrine or temple, and then randomly draw an omikuji 21453094-japanese-shrine-in-kiyomizu-temple-kyoto-japan-stock-photoyourself. Omikuji vending machines are also popular.

We shall be preparing a Japanese shrine Fortune-Vending Machine to draw fortunes with the press of a button!

Look at our dedicated club members putting their soul into creating this beautiful shrine!


Japanese Kite Exhibition

Japan’s  kites are among the most spectacularkite1 in the world, treasured as much for the aesthetic worth as for the pleasure they give as toys. The traditional kite consists of a light bamboo or wood frame over which is affixed paper painted with various bold motifs, ranging from faces of legendary war heroes to brilliant geometric patterns; in the hands of a skilled craftsman, the Japanese kite becomes a work of art.


Don’t be surprised when you find some Fantabulously crafted and designed, hand-painted Japanese Kites, created by some very very talented
Indian artists at the Festival!!

Cute Hand-fans

We are also making some really interesting hand-fans with Japanese origami sheets and some really skillful pair of hands. You may be able to take some home with you, as a souvenir!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Japanese Songs

We will be singing Japanese songs through the 3-day Japan Festival. Joins us by clicking here.DSC06958.JPG

Put Your Head in the Hole!

Find this beautiful Life-size stand up Board at the 6th Japan Festival, Ahmedabad…

and stick your head in the hole to gift yourself a Memorable & Unique Photo of you in Japanese Traditional Kimono! Don’t miss this one!! 😀


And so so much more!

Till the next update!


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