A visit to JAPAN – next door

Japan festival 2017

A visit to JAPAN – next door

Ahmedabad hosted the 6th Japan festival from January 27 to 29 at the Ahmedabad Management Association. The Indo-Japan Friendship Association, Gujarat and Centre for Japanese Studies at AMA hosted the event with cooperation of Consulate General of Japan, Mumbai, Embassy of Japan and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Consulate General – Mr. Ito Yoshiaki

Our Japanese club had the honour of being part of this mega event, all japan-enthusiasts wait all year round for!


Starting off with how we looked that day… We were celebrities ^w^ (duh) dashing our club T-shirts and running all over the place! Each club member had a kanji character  of their choice printed on their backs.

Let’s see have the members pose for us all to see their dashing look!

#2 Star Attraction – OMIKUJI

And then we opened our Fortune telling Booth …

Omikuji – Fortune telling Shrine

We had our Engineer – Kunj, Smit and Manoj (I was there too!) on it for like 15 minutes… assembled the parts and did like a dozen trials!

And Voila! It was magic! It worked like a charm ! And people began to want to get their fortune read. So, we first made them pray the Shinto style and had them press the button to reveal their fortune out of the shrine!

Look at these amazing pics and kudos to all the members who worked very hard through the 2-day event and gave their all for this to be the star attraction of our CLUB!

It was fun telling them about omikuji and its variants in Japan
The crowd…

Click the video below to see the omikuji in action!!

#3 Hand-made Fans

We also displayed around 30 hand-made fans, made by our club members and could actually sell them! woah! So these fans were made from origami papers and wooden sticks wrapped with decorative tape. They were a huge hit with kids and cute grandmas. We gave these fans to our cute customers in hand-made envelopes!

We are an authentic hand-made club. lol

Kids loved the colourful fans!
Hand-made fans on display

#4 Put your face in!

Yet another enjoyable activity(?). The Standee board you put your face in!

This went beyond our expectations… as people from all ages, kids to granpa-grandmas ran around waiting for their turn to put their face in and click pictures of them dressed in elegant japanese traditional kimono!

I regret not being able to get the kid’s face in too! Well better do a good job next year…

#5 Hand-made Kites

Another hand-made section…as I mentioned before .. we believe in human talent…

A talent so rare to find… Ms. Dipti Mehta and her Mother, excel in making kites and decorating them with intricate and unique designs and all this in no time at all!

We had the honour of having such fantabulous kites made especially for this Festival by Dipti san and her Super talented MOM.

Have a look… with eyes open wide & your jaw dropping… ><

Dipti and her creations

#6 Helping out with other events

Our club members were active through the festival helping out other events like

Origami workshop and the Furoshiki and Calligraphy Workshops. These events would not have been a success without their precious time and effort. Thank you all!

Origami workshop
Furoshiki-Calligraphy Workshop

#7 Club Singing Debut

We sang two songs on the first and last days of the festival in front of an enthusiastic audience!

Many many more precious memories!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all next year!

Till next year! Sayonara!

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