EVENTS – June 2017

June 2017 sees a whole new beginning of the Japanese club. After a sudden hiatus, we are back with over 10 events in line for June-July-August, many of these would be co-hosted by our Japanese friends.

  • June is packed with some traditional activities like – origami and movie/anime screenings.
  • July is set for an amazing BAND-Performance by a Local Japanese J-Pop band, An Exclusive and Authentic Japanese Cooking Workshop by an experienced Japanese Shufu and much more!
  • August is the month we announce one of our first Japanese Language Courses and hoards of other fun Activities.

Scroll down to go through this month’s mega-events and Book your seats FAST!!!

Event #3

ORIGAMI Workshop

origami pikachuOn Sunday, June 11, we organised a Superfun Origami Workshop, together with Mrs. Hiroko Mito.

Venue: Club Activity Centre – 203, Olive Grace Appartments, inside Nautanki lane, Opp. AMA

Time: 10:00 to 11:30 am

Click here to know about Origami


A workshop that was supposed to commence at 10 am, saw us waiting for our new club members, trying to find their way to our Club Activity Centre. Although we did miss the faces of most of our old members, the new ones put life into this interesting event.

Origami Workshop
At our Japanese club activity centre


We started with Hiroko san giving origami instructions for KABUTO- Samurai hat at 10:15. All the participants had been given sets of origami sheets, instruction manual and newspaper! A newspaper…. what’s that for? The hat!

So, here is how we all look with the Kabuto hat on!



Next we moved on to preparing Fuusen-Balloon. A few simple folds and a blow is all you need to get this right!


We then moved on to a super interesting and fun way to present memos, letters, notes to your loved ones. Turning a simple page to a beautiful and intriguing Envelope!


Japan is the land of Samurai… so is she of SUMO. Look at our tiny but cool O-sumo-san (SUMO) standing tall, as if marching into the arena. We also learned how to get them to sumo wrestle!


And finally we came to our final and the most difficult origami EVER—-Pikachu! And yes, this is certainly not me exaggerating about it, just because it took me 20 minutes to get it right…


But Yes! The origami turned out to be so complicated and detailed that we had some members giving up and dozing off  halfway, fully drained of energy!

But as “Success is a journey, not a destination”, we had people who persevered till the very end and achieved Perfection along the way. LoL.


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We also opened up a mini-store to sell origami paper set & boxes! Some very enthusiastic learners took home with them sets of 100+ original Japanese origami papers! Wishing them the very best for their future origami endeavors.



Thank you so much for being part of this workshop and making it such a lovely group event!


Thank you to our hard working Volunteers and Hiroko san who put their all to make this a success. We are ever ready to organize many more origami workshops on public demand 😉


See you next event!

If you have any suggestions for our club and its activities, comment below! We need your help to keep bringing amazing events to you!


This EVENT was presented and sponsored by the Japanese club Ahmedabad

 Below is Event #4- organised on June 18, Sunday.

Event #4

Japanese Comedy Movie Screening


On Sunday, June 18, we organised a Japanese Movie Screening of SHIKO FUNJATTA(Sumo do, Sumo don’t)

Venue: Club Activity Centre – 203, Olive Grace Appartments, inside Nautanki lane, Opp. AMA

Time: 10:00 to 11:50 am

Japanese Movie Screening 

Sunday the 18th, saw humour at its best with the screening of the movie ‘Sumo do, Sumo Don’t’. Directed by renowned director Masayuki Suo, this movie has won numerous Japanese Academy Awards including the award for Best Film in 1992.

The event started with a video, giving the viewers a brief glimpse into the lives of Sumo wrestlers. Once the movie began, it was all smiles and laughter! The club members simply enjoyed the situational comedy of a young boy, Shuhei Yamamoto, being forced into Sumo and his consequent admiration for the sport. Sumo is not as popular with the younger generation as it is with the older generation. The movie is a medium to make youngsters see Sumo in a new light and also as a sport that’s deeply rooted in Japanese Tradition.

For the club members, it surely helped appreciate yet another facet in the vibrant arena of Nihonbunka (Japanese culture).


  The ambience of our club activity centre was perfect for enjoying this fun-filled movie!



Watching amused as the sport of the “Pink Giants” unveils itself.

pink giants



Japanese comedian Naoto Takenaka provided comic humour, playing the character of Aoki Tomio

Japanese comedian Naoto Takenaka as Aoki Tomio












It was Laughter by Default!


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Thank you, everyone, for making it a wonderful experience!

Do write in your suggestions/feedback that’ll help us gauge your interests regarding Japanese culture.

Jaa, mata ne!


This EVENT is presented and sponsored by the Japanese club Ahmedabad

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