hanashi_nagai_womanIn this post, I will be sharing with you, things that have been kept a secret from the entire world. Things that, if known, will cause chaos in the lives of many adventurers and seekers of Truth.

Just Kidding.

I will be talking a little about how I came to learn this amazing language and how I came to teach it. Read about Tips to Cracking JLPT the Right (My) Way.

I was introduced to Japanese language during my teenage years, when I started watching Anime in Japanese with English subtitles. I was an avid Anime Fan even before that, but had been watching them in Hindi-English dubbed versions. Soon, I became interested in reading the opening/ending song lyrics in Japanese and picked up basic Hiragana by gluing myself to the TV all day long.


This went on for many years, before my learning finally took shape in the April of year 2014, when I was brought along by my Grandpa to attend a Japanese language education seminar at AMA. I started my Language learning by enrolling to the Japanese language courses in AMA around May 2014, that went on till November 2014. I then appeared for my JLPT N5 in December 2014.


Below is a pictorial description of My JLPT experience in a Timeline, so that I have very little to type.

Anonna’s JLPT Timeline

pose_kuyashii_womanThe Japanese language Instructor and JOCV volunteer, Ms. Mikiko Kaihara, left India in February 2015 and my hopes to continue my studies came to an abrupt end. It was October 2015, when I was invited by AMA and the then JOCV volunteer, Ms. Tomoko Ashihara, to work as a Japanese Teacher Assistant together with Ms. Nishi Sheth, also a Japanese language learner.


pose_kuji_tousen_womanMy job as a Teacher, who motivates her students towards learning and enjoying the language, in a way, motivated me to strive towards progressing my own learning. I went on to give N4 in December 2015, N3 in July 2016 and N2 in December 2016, spending around 2 months of studying each; all of this while being a Third/Final year BDS (Dental) student and working part-time as a teacher, all days of the week.


Below is again a pictorial depiction of my JLPT Scoreline.

Anonna’s JLPT Scoreline


Scores are relative. Scores do not always translate to the hard work put behind. I was fortunate enough to have cleared all my exams in one go. I had with me my passion, a drive to gain knowledge from all sources, and my family & my students who filled me to the brim with their love and continuous support.

My journey has not yet come to an end. I shall now pour my all into sharing whatever knowledge I have gained over the years with as many people as I can. 

Where are you on your JLPT journey? What problems do you face moving forward? What do you want me to help you with? Tell me in the comments section below!

I will be sharing with you the materials and techniques I used to prepare for my JLPT exams soon, in a separate post. Look forward to even more informative posts in the coming weeks. 頑張ろう!(がんばろう;Ganbarou ; Let’s work hard)

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-Anonna ・あのん奈


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rupa says:

    Your journey in one short statement is 1% inspiration ( grandpa n tv) but 99% perspiration. We r all there to fuel up your passion for japanese language engine with our love . support and best wishes.
    Love u shona. Maa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have been my driving force, even if I don’t say it often. I am where I am today because of your love and support and much much more. Love you Maa.


  2. Rupa says:

    Dear shona , due to technical error while submitting profile form i could not write much about my experiences of your journey.
    I felt a strong urge to open up at this level of your achievements. Along with u i learnt a lot about your creative passion besides routine studies that everyone had been doing around u. I hav lived your absolute lov for anime😊manga 😃drawing d anime characters n a love for d most happejing country Japan.
    With u i lived my childhood dreams n desire to create a space in my heart for something other than routine studies n work.
    Today u r a doctor n foreign language expert. Two extremes 😨but still balance everything smoothly.
    Let u b d guiding light for thoz calculated n conditiened parents n kids who need to balance extremes n giv soace to creativity . Passion . Dreams n non conventional thought process. B their inspiration.
    At this age u made me think of learning a new language. I feel proud to b your student. Take me into dis unknown world of communication so dat i can b a help to your future endeavour.
    Lets narrow down the barriers of language n b united vd others . World is too small for petty differences. , egos, cultural drawbacks n endless fear of getting accepted outside comfort zone.
    Help your students to overcome these barriers n fly free into the world of love n wisdom. Love u till eternity. Maa.


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