EVENT #10 


Our First event of the year was an unexpected SUCCESS! And I am very happy to share with you all, our event details and memories captured on camera!

JCA #10-Jpn No Sys 2018-05-06 01

Our event started with 自己紹介 (self-introductions) by our dear club members. We welcomed new members to our family and enjoyed hearing about their random and cute interests!



We then started learning the Japanese Number system. Our members were mixed with people who already knew all about numbers and people who were totally new to what we were doing. Thank you Gaurav san for your amazing support!


Our main event was to learn counting Japanese numbers using REAL JAPANESE CURRENCY! Our members were divided into groups and given 6 types of Japanese currency coins and made to play a number of different games to boost their brain power!


It was a super engaging event where our members saw for the first time, learned about, felt and had fun with Japanese coins. Wish to keep having such events in the future! Please tell me about your experience and leave your requests or ideas for new events in the comments section below.

 See you next event!

JCA #10-Jpn No Sys 2018-05-06 02


>>>>>>>Event #10 May 6, 2018<<<<<<<

We are finally back to bring you some awesome Japanese 体験 this MAY!

体験(たいけん;taiken) means experience. Not just any experience though! It describes an experience where you immerse yourself in an activity using all your five senses and that turns into something really special. We decided to call this event – 体験, and let me tell you why.

We’ll be learning the Japanese Number System this Sunday, in a whole new way! We’ll be using REAL JAPANESE CURRENCY for you to be able to grasp the whole concept of numbering!  And since many of you may already be familiar with the system, we take it a step further by adding counters and role-play games!

Japnese-numbers(source : takelessons.com/blog/japanese-numbers-z05)

This event can be enjoyed by all, regardless of your Japanese Language ability! Welcome to this One-of-its-kind Event, for FREE*!

Date –  May 6, 2018 (Sunday)

Time – 11:15 am to 12:30 pm

Venue – ICEKRAFT (restaurant), SV Desai Marg, Vasant Vihar, Navrangpura


The Japanese club Ahmedabad runs workshops, demonstrations and other activities for organised groups, clubs and schools trying to include as many sessions as possible free to the public. While the workshops are always free for the club membersnon-club members may be charged an entrance fee.



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  1. Rupa says:

    An awesome experience n wonderful ambience. Keep it up shon.

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