Let’s Play Karuta!


It’s time, the dawn of the great battle, fierce fighters stand surrounding the disputed territory stealing glances at each other, who’s going for it first, who has what it requires to be…. the Karuta Champion! Yes, you got me right, this is about the Karuta event we had on the 10th of June (maybe I exaggerated, just a little:p).

Before the event began, the participants were divided into 2 groups – those who could read Hiragana and those who couldn’t. The first round of Hiragana Karuta was won by the Senpai, Smit. The next round focused only on pictures, for those who couldn’t yet read Hiragana. This was won by the super-fast Aditi who, though a first-timer, proved to be a formidable opponent! In the next bout, it was one team versus the other in a picture Karuta game. To make Karuta even more interesting, Anonna introduced Naruto playing cards! Those who knew the characters of this popular Anime series eagerly pounced on the cards the moment their names or abilities were announced. The event ended with a round of Karuta based on Japanese history. It was played with a slight twist – Gaku San would call out years according to the Japanese number system and we’d match cards. He also enlightened us with important events that occurred in different eras and timelines. It was both a practice of perfecting the numbers in Japanese and getting to know the country’s vibrant history.

The participants made this event more fun than expected due to their enthusiasm and spirit. And, the history lesson as a bonus was most enjoyable; who’d have thought history could be taught through Karuta!

Here is a special video of the Event!

Thanks for coming, everyone! See you all next Sunday!

JCA Karuta 2018-06-10 01l

The next event may be held at a different location and time. Event #14.

Keep checking the website for more updates!

– Anjanalakshmi・安社奈, JCA Task Force


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