It was for the very first time that we organised a Yukata wearing event and we couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic audience. The new location proved quite apt for this activity, providing the right kind of setting with a few arrangements made by the JCA Task Force.

JCA Yukata 2018-06-17 022.JPG

Participants were given a demo using Anonna San’s Yukata – an exquisite blue one with yellow designs and a matching yellow Obi. It was first tried on a Task Force Member, Anjana, in order to explain the way of wearing it and the little intricacies of carrying oneself in a Yukata.

Click on the pictures for enlarged view

Interested participants were given a chance to wear it themselves and get beautiful pictures clicked by the ever-obliging Gaku San. There were pretty props too that went with the Yukata making it picture-perfect.

Here are a few glimpses of the event-

Click on the pictures for enlarged view

JCA Yukata 2018-06-17 203 (2).JPG
Thank you everyone for making this event enjoyable!

Click here to download your favourite pics!

– Anjanalakshmi・安社奈, JCA Task Force


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  1. U r a gift to us n ur learners..love u.

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