Tea holds importance as a much-preferred beverage both in India and Japan. But how different are the Indian and Japanese varieties? Event #15 enabled participants to get an idea about the same by tasting and experiencing Japanese tea. Three kinds of tea were brewed for the audience using the sachets bought from Japan by Anonna San. First up was Green tea with Roasted Rice, which gave a pleasing aroma owing to the roasted rice. Next in line was Houjicha, whose brown colour when brewed, is similar to our Black Tea. Finally, the participants were given Ryokucha, the common Green tea of Japan.

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Since Japanese Green tea is brewed and consumed without sugar, it tends to be bitter. But it has its health benefits and is definitely worth a try. The event was marked by interesting discussions and interactions among the members on differences and similarities between various aspects of Indian and Japanese culture and how to adopt the best of both.

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We still have Japanese Tea on Sale! Contact Anonna for adding one to your Tea collection.

We have a couple of interesting events lined up for next month. Do keep checking the website for updates.

Good luck to those appearing for the JLPT exam on the 1st of July!


JCA Ocha 2018-06-24 047 (2)

– Anjanalakshmi・安社奈, JCA Task Force


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