For the first time ever, Tanabata was celebrated in Ahmedabad through the JCA Event on the 8th of July (though a day late…but then Japan is ahead of us in the time zone, so that compensates :p).

JCA Tanabata 2018-07-08 39 (2)

A major component of this festival is adorning the bamboo plant with origami and kirigami decorations. The participants were given kirigami tutorials by the ever obliging Gaku San. The result was a group of talented and patient participants working sincerely on making their Tanabata decorations, which would set their wishes apart to help Orihime’s father to identify and make them come true eventually! A simple piece of coloured paper was turned into a work of art in no time.

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The next step was writing the wishes on the tanzaku, which are long rectangular strips of coloured paper. The wishes ranged from being long term, to generic, to absolutely hilarious!

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JCA Tanabata 2018-07-08 22 (2).JPG

Everyone then decorated the bamboo plants, which were growing quite conveniently at the JCA Activity Centre! The plants got a really beautiful makeover, and with the wishes gently swaying in the breeze, one could really feel the spirit of Tanabata.

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Thank you for joining us in celebrating Tanabata! Hope all your wishes come true. Until next time

Click here to see Gaku san singing and teaching the Tanabata Song!

Click here to view and download more pictures!

JCA Tanabata 2018-07-08 29 (2).JPG

– Anjanalakshmi・安社奈, JCA Task Force


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