「~ように言う」は、「しろ・するな」「してください」「したほうがいい」などの命令・禁止・指示・助言の内容を伝えるときに使う。Use「~ように言う」to tell about a command, prohibition, direction or advice originally given with expressions such as 「しろ・するな」「してください」or「したほうがいい」.


You can also use words like 注意(ちゅうい)する、頼(たの)む、伝(つた)える,etc. in place of 言う depending on the situation. These change to passive form depending on the subject and the dialogue(read Tip).

食べる+ように言う 食べるように言う खाने के लिए कहना
飲まない+ように言われる 飲まないように言われる नहीं पीने के लिए कहा गया
point_katen_womanTip: This grammar form is used when you want to quote someone’s dialogue. For example, your mother told you to buy vegetables on your way home. Let’s assume your mother tells you this:

母: 帰り道に野菜買ってきてね!Buy vegetables on your way home! घर लौटते वक्त सब्जी खरीदते आना!

When you want to tell your friend that your mother requested this of you, you may say : “My mom told me to buy vegetables on my way home” in English. However, it gets grammatically simpler in Hindi and Japanese.

All you need to do, is take the DIALOGUE -“घर लौटते वक्त सब्जी खरीदते आना!” and make it “माँ ने घर लौटते वक्त सब्जी खरीदने के लिए कहा है

You do the same in Japanese, but the only difference is changing the verb into passive form so that YOU remain the SUBJECT of the sentence. So, 帰り道に野菜買ってきてね!becomes 「母に帰り道に野菜買ってくように言われた」。

More examples:

Doctor: 薬(くすり)を毎日飲んでください。Becomes -> おいしゃさんに薬を毎日飲むように言われた

先生:宿題(しゅくだい)を忘れないで!Becomes-> 先生に宿題を忘れないように注意された。

In case, You request or ask someone of something, the verb will not change to passive form. For example, you ask Tanaka san to print some documents for you. In that case, you may say, (私は)田中さんに資料(しりょう)をコピーするように頼みました

1.先生に後で教員室(きょういんしつ)に来るように言われました。I was told to come to the staff room by the teacher.

2.先生に遅刻(ちこく)しないように注意されました。I was told not to be late by the teacher.


Try forming sentences using this grammar and post in the comment box! I will try my best to reply to each of your sentences and queries(if any).




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