Shodou is the Japanese art of calligraphy and is a well revered art form. It has rules which need to be abided by while also keeping room for the calligrapher’s expression. It requires specific tools, some of the basic ones being a calligraphy brush (Fude・筆), an ink-stick (Sumi・墨 ), an ink-stone (Suzuri・硯) to grind the stick, a traditional way of obtaining ink, and calligraphy paper (Washi・和紙).

Shodou has often been considered as an art which embodies the Wabi sabi (わびさび) philosophy of aesthetics. It requires dedication, immense motivation and passion to bring one beautiful piece of calligraphy.

Experience this popular art form first-hand through this JCA event by getting a glimpse into its fundamentals and trying a few calligraphy strokes yourself!

Date –  September 23, 2018 (Sunday)

Time – 10:00 am to 11:15 am

Venue – JCA Activity Center, 104, Payal Park Society, Nr. Star Bazaar, Satellite, Ahmedabad


Bookings open 1 week before!


The Japanese club Ahmedabad runs workshops, demonstrations and other activities for organised groups, clubs and schools trying to include as many sessions as possible free to the public. While the workshops are always free for the club membersnon-club members may be charged an entrance fee.

– Anjanalakshmi・安社奈, JCA Task Force

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