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26219889_1550470321715490_7555746233534518462_nAnonna Majumdar

Founder & President, JCA

Profile: Anonna is a Dentist, a Professional Interpreter, a crazy Japanese Language Learner & Trained Teacher and also the Founder & President of the Japanese Club. She wants to bring new ideas to the table, and pursue an even richer taste of the Japanese community. She spends her free time watching anime and reading manga or otherwise taking it easy.

“I started this club last year to bring on board all crazy Japan enthusiasts and create something no one had ever seen or experienced before.”

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vetybtuynukRupa Majumdar


“Dear Shona , I felt a strong urge to open up at this level of your achievements. Along with u, I learnt a lot about your creative passion besides routine studies that everyone had been doing around you. I have lived your absolute love for Anime, Manga drawing the Anime characters and a love for the most happening country Japan. With you, I lived my childhood dreams & desire to create a space in my heart for something other than routine studies & work.

Today you are a Doctor & Foreign language expert. Two extremes, but still balance everything smoothly. Let you be guiding light for those calculated n conditioned parents & kids, who need to balance extremes and give space to Creativity, Passion, Dreams and Non-conventional thought process. Be their Inspiration.

At this age you made me think of learning a new language. I feel proud to be your student. Take me into this unknown world of communication so that I can be a help to your future endeavour. Lets narrow down the barriers of language and be united with others . The World is too small for petty differences, egos, cultural drawbacks and endless fear of getting accepted outside comfort zone.
Help your students to overcome these barriers and fly free into the world of love & wisdom. Love you till eternity.” -Maa

IMG_20180325_102716Tarun Dariwal


“I have been part of very few events, but have enjoyed each of them alot. They will always be part of my happy times.”



Dipti Shailesh Mehta


“Its been a wonderful opportunity and a good experience for me to have done the courses (beginners & basic level 1) here & also various activities conducted by the club,
Extremely enjoyable!
I thank Anonna Sensei for everything!!”

IMG-20180103-WA0014Shaivee Thakore


“I am a girl of 16 who studies in 12th std in commerce stream. I am a big fan of Japan and its culture. I love Japanese songs and anime ( specially doremon). I also like famous Japanese horror character ona. I love and enjoy the way Anonna San teaches Japanese language. I wish all the very best to JCA !!!!”

gutspose_manGaurav Kulkarni

Bilingual Professional

“I come from a background of Japanese studies, mostly done from Pune, Maharashtra. I am working in JMNCs in Ahmedabad, Gujarat since last 3.5 years, and my total experience as a bilingual professional is above 5 years.

Unlike many enthusiasts, I am not a anime, manga fan, but I do like Japanese dramas, cinemas and cultural stuff a lot. I thank Anonna san for starting this wonderful club, and looking forward to participate actively henceforth! “

714BFCA0-3A1A-4158-BB7D-9E03C5B7323CAditya Verma


“I could not be more grateful to have such dedicated enthusiasts as the JClub Team! 🙂 Excited to Join in for the Events!”

__91 70166 08236_ 20180510_221855Akshay Chudasama

Law Student / Foreign Language Wizard

“It’s good to be a member of like minded people. The idea of initiating a club like the present one was in my brain as well but it’s footstep intitaive by Anona San is indeed great, We have members in this club all out from different fields and spheres but what makes us united is our love, passionate persistence  towards and for the language Japanese and for Japan, 宜しくお願いします”

hanami_engawa_manArun Kumar Srivastava


“Till now, I was thinking I am only enthusiastic about Japanese language and boast quite a lot about this to all my friends & family members, but this Sunday when I saw our JCA founder president talking & teaching, I can’t stop watching her. The way Japanese words were coming out of her mouth, she is mad in learning the exact dialect, exact tone, I salute her, may Lord Kaali / Lord Saraswati bless her with all the best of this material world. And we are here to witness it🙏🏻🙏🏻”

IMG-20180515-WA0001lPrapti Kothari


“It’s a privilege to be a part of such an amazing club, filled with such amazing people. Exploring new things about Japanese culture, traditions and people is so interesting. 

Kudos to the team for making every event an unforgettable one. 💁🏻🦄




“Nothing much to say as I am not a person of words. Though being emotional and sensitive, felt strongly connected to the entire team of JCA, not because of my didi being the force behind the foundation of the club,  but the activities  being done there and environment created is awesome.  While clicking pics, I see the happy faces and their interesting soul to accomplish their tasks. 
I pray to Lord to bless didi,  her team and all participants to take the club to a higher level so that even it touches the sky and beyond it. Addy”

DSC07453 (2)Sajal Chakrabarti

Retd. ONGC officer

“No words to express my happiness and pride in seeing my grand daughter Anonna, rise to a height where she manages her work and passion with equal zeal and enthusiasm ..
My blessings are always with her. May she spread her wings even more by teaching Japanese to learners and keep on with her energy level to maintain her JCA activities to bring Japan into the lap of enthusiastic members.
All the best dear Shona. -Dadu.”

pose_furikaeru_manAbhishek Panicker

Executive at an MNC

“Since my childhood have a soft corner for Japan and anything related to it. The language, culture, people, food, anime etc. I simply can’t explain what pulls me into Japanese culture.
Talking about myself, I’ve learned Katakana, Hiragana and some Kanji, which is not even close to JLPT5. 
Looking to meet more Japanese enthusiasts in town.”

DSC00683Smit Vakil

Engineering Student/ JCA Task Force

“I’m Smit Vakil , studying mechanical engineer and I’ve got interest into Japanese through anime. At first I started studying this language for fun only but now I can see how many opportunities there are with this language, I would suggest all other learners to keep on studying and clearing new levels of the language.

We started this club on a small basis just to share Japanese culture but when we see the number of club members, we feel that we’ve come pretty far and with success. Hope to see the number of members grow more and more with our club holding more new Japanese events.”

JCA Yukata 2018-06-17 093 (2)Anjanalakshmi

Student/ JCA Task Force

“It’s a pleasure to be a part of the JCA Task Force which aims  at building a platform for people to experience various aspects of Japanese culture here in Ahmedabad, one event at a time. In the process, being a Japanese language learner myself, I learn a lot – be it while helping out with the events or writing articles or just bonding with the members.
ありがとう、みなさま! Hope to continue bringing more such events under the able mentoring of あのん奈さん!”


More to come!